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Electrical & Low Voltage Estimating, Providing Total End to End Solutions


Be it traditional electrical estimating, conceptual budgets or design assist- Division 16 Estimating can help. Increase your estimating without increasing staff and provide timely, quality detailed bids.


Think of us as your virtual employee! Imagine, precise and professional estimates without the in house employee price tag. Consider the savings: payroll taxes, benefits, vacation and sick time, employee turnover, equipment and supplies and most of all-NO LOST TIME. When you need to grow your company or just use us to relieve your work flow, we are at your fingertips via phone, video or email.


Generating Stations
Water Treatment Plants
Division 27 & 28
● Communication
● Fiber Optic
● Fire Alarm
● Security

One rate for any Industrial, Commercial or Residential project with no service agreements or hidden charges; we work weekends, overnight and holidays at no additional cost to accommodate your bid date and deadlines. As a licensed Master Electrician and ABCI apprenticeship graduate, I have worked in every phase of the Electrical Industry, including Project Management and Purchasing before settling in the pre-construction division. You can be assured your needs will be covered with detail and precision.

We will take-off all sub-contract and quotable items first and forward them to you for distribution to your vendors for local scheduling and pricing. Each project will include a scope of work proposal (to paste on your letterhead), labor factors pertinent to the task, current market pricing for commodity items and suggested equipment rentals for trenching, elevated work, etc.

For ACCUBID users, we will email you the job for you to insert into your network or local drive dedicated for ACCUBID job folders, simply merge the inserted job and access the estimate. For non-ACCUBID users, we will send you complete extensions by drawing, system, phase, area and extended consolidated like items for your review.

We’re always available to review the estimate for any questions you may have.

“Always available, working 7-days a week, nights & weekends so you don’t have to!”

  • Estimating rate @ $35.00 per hour.
  • In addition to hard bids, we can furnish detailed budgets based on conceptual design and narratives for any project.
  • Notify us if you receive a change in the bid date or an addendum.
  • All drawings are your property and will be returned promptly using your FEDX/UPS account numbers at your request.

“Never a Service Agreement or Contract”

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